Govt. College Women University Faisalabad
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Programme : BS Food Science and Technology                 Course Title:Introduction to Computer                  Teacher: sania Anwar
# Lecture
1 Ms word interface
2 Ms word installation
3 Basic actions with documents
4 Formatting in MS word
5 Formatting in MS word II
6 Internet and evaluation of internet
7 The world wide web
8 E-commerce and other internet services and netiquets
9 Introduction to application software
10 Graphic and multimedia software
11 Software for home personal and educational use
12 Web applications
13 System unit
14 Processor
15 Data representation
16 Memory
17 Cache memory and flash memory
18 Buses
19 Guideline for power point slide
20 Ports connectors and Bays
21 Starting with power point I
22 starting with power point II
23 starting with power point III
24 Add animations in MS power point
25 Adding audio and video in MS power point
26 Short keys used in MS power point